About us.

We shape the future of social infrastructure for our communities’ wellbeing, healing, and growth. We design places and spaces where people connect with each other. Where they learn, work, grow, and grow old. Where they heal. Collaboration drives our design process. So does evidence. We draw on research, lived experience, cultural knowledge and other expertise, translating it into design that makes a difference to people. Every member of our diverse team—architects, interior designers, masterplanners and clinical health planners—is committed to this ethos, which we call translational design. 

After almost three decades, we are still curious, always learning, about how we can design so that people are healthy, productive and safe. This is what a truly social infrastructure can do for us. Global in its outlook, our team works with clients and partners in health, education, communities and seniors living, science and technology, and workplaces. With them, we shape a healthy future.

Every day.