Baptcare Strathalan, Finalist at this year’s 9th Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards

We are excited to announce that Billard Leece Partnership (BLP) was nominated as a finalist in this year’s Project of the Year – Ageing in Place awards. The Eldercare conference aims to showcase the world’s most innovative eldercare models that enable Healthy, Independent and Dignified Ageing.

As architects, we have the ability to positively affect people’s lives. At BLP we are committed to enhancing people’s health and wellbeing. We translate research into the physical environment and design spaces that inspire human connection.

Sustainability is directly linked to wellbeing. We recognise the relationship between humans and disease, especially epidemic disease and the effects that design and planning can have on our environments. From a sustainability perspective there are both quantitative problems (operating costs) and qualitative factors (improved wellbeing) that require careful consideration. As designers we must champion the qualitative considerations — ones that can deliver long-term results such as good health, purpose in life, social connectivity, choice above all of leads to enhanced wellbeing.

Our designs consider historic and cultural context and offer a deliberate sense of place. We believe that high-quality buildings and precincts are vital for creating harmonious, socially inclusive communities, and deliver holistic design solutions that ensure that each building is seen in the context of adjacent buildings, their uses, and its location in a wider network of public and private spaces.

The places we live, work and play influence our behaviour, our designs reflect the relationship between the types of places we occupy, the curation of those places and our wellbeing.

We designed Baptcare Strathalan to promote social, physical, and mental wellbeing by providing the residents with choice, independence, and flexibility.  We created a strong connection between the Homestead building (wellness hub) and the new combined community and apartment building and to landscaped areas to optimise placemaking and the urban realm.  We delivered a pedestrian friendly precinct to encourage physical activity and delivered facilities that promote and encourage resident engagement.

We thank Ageing Asia for the opportunity to participate in this prestigious event and the esteemed judges.

Baptcare Strathalan, Finalist at this year’s 9th Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation AwardsAdelaide Bell