BLP Future of Seniors Living Forum Sydney

BLP presents: Future of Seniors Living Forum

The baby boomer generation is not the “blue rinse” set – they are the generation who grew up with AC/DC.

They are not likely to age like generations before them – they have adopted attitudes and lifestyles unlike their predecessors.

They will not settle for bingo nights and dance nights. They will want to maintain their active lifestyles, and their interests in music, art & culture, sport and wine appreciation.

They will require the flexibility in gaining access to care and support, if and when they need it.

As a result, this begs us to ask two questions:

  1. Where do the baby boomers want to live?
  2. What do we design for them?

These and other questions were deliberated at the forum held last night at BLP Sydney.

One thing we do know: the baby boomer generation are a discerning group who will require a range of housing types and service offerings that will enhance and complement their lifestyles. One size will not fit all.

BLP presents: Future of Seniors Living ForumChristine Arundell