Building a future where we all flourish.

The last 18 months were an opportunity for BLP to take the time to understand who we are, where we’ve come from, and how we’re evolving.

We examined the wicked problems we face locally and globally. We shared our concerns about climate change and inequality. We asked how we, as architects and designers, can help us become more sustainable – socially, environmentally, and financially.

So, how can we design with this in mind? How can we design for a healthy world?

At BLP, we know it’s possible. We’ve been doing it from the beginning, honing our specialist knowledge as we design and build social infrastructure where people can live, learn and heal.

How do we do it?

We rely on evidence – research, lived experience, cultural knowledge and other expertise – translating it into design that makes a difference to people. It’s a difference that is real and tangible once the building becomes part of the community it serves. Every member of our team is committed to this ethos, which we call translational design.

It’s also about human connection. Using our skills in co-design and deep listening, we have worked with young people on the design of ground-breaking mental health facilities, Indigenous communities to understand Country, and multiple stakeholders and user groups on complex design projects.

Designing for a healthy world emerged from a workplace ecosystem that celebrates diversity, adaptability, and the desire to effect real change.

We are nurturing that ecosystem, reaching out to communities and clients globally, who, like us, believe in designing for a healthy world.

Building a future where we all flourish.Liz Tan