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Diversity at BLP recognised with 2018 Victorian Multicultural Business Award

BLP has been named as one of the State’s “Diversity Heroes” in the 2018 Victorian Multicultural Awards for Excellence, coordinated by the Victorian Multicultural Commission on behalf of the Victorian Government, at an awards ceremony at Government House.

The evening was attended by high profile dignitaries and guests earlier this month to honour outstanding individuals and organisations that foster cross-cultural understanding and celebrate and preserve Victoria’s diversity of cultures.

The Multicultural Business Award recognises businesses that are inspiring examples of corporate social responsibility; those who provide outstanding service to multicultural communities in Victoria, who lead the way in encouraging diversity in their workplace and play a crucial role in fostering cultural harmony.

BLP Associate Director Emily Gilfillan said, “Multiculturalism is not a conscious decision on BLP’s behalf to simply employ people according to quotas or a company charter. We employ people for the right skills, “cultural fit” and we embrace and celebrate the diverse backgrounds and talents of our team.

As a group of design professionals, we are not interested in a homogeneous group of individuals who think and act the same – multiculturalism contributes to our creative thinking.

Diversity in our workplace has resulted in promoting stronger relationships not only within our team but among our equally diverse client and stakeholder groups too.”

With a team of more than 130 people from at least 23 different countries and cultures, our practice has a strong belief in the benefits of diversity and collaboration for innovation. Our diverse team brings a comprehensive set of insights from international cultures and work experience, multi-generational perspectives, and gender perspectives of all orientations, to inform the design of truly welcoming and inclusive spaces for everyone, regardless of age, level of ability or cultural background.

BLP’s Highly Commended Award in this category is a testament to our dedication to strengthening multiculturalism in Victoria, and abroad, through our work.

Read about the award on the Victorian Multicultural Commission website.

Diversity at BLP recognised with 2018 Victorian Multicultural Business AwardChristine Arundell