Evolution of an Architectural Practice: BLP appoints Design and Construction specialist as Executive Delivery Lead

In a creative and ground breaking initiative, Billard Leece Partnership (BLP) appoints Steve Trevenar as Executive Delivery Lead and re-positions the practice for the future.

Building on the success of BLP’s founders, and with the future firmly in her sights, Managing Director, Tara Veldman, has now completed the formation of the executive team that will re-define the architecture practice as the leader in the profession. Through the appointment of Steve Trevenar as Executive Delivery Lead, Tara Veldman’s vision for the practice is well and truly underway.

Veldman’s initiative translates to a six-person executive team supporting the Principals of the practice in delivering design outcomes. The executive are tasked to strengthen BLP’s focus on research, translational design, and delivery. Each person brings their particular expertise, including design, delivery, strategy, communications, marketing, business development, finance, and operations.

“We believe it is imperative to provide a ‘whole of life’ approach to buildings and, through the executive team, BLP is planning for the future. When partnering with clients, the knowledge and expertise of the new executive will ensure we provide the most comprehensive, creative and progressive design solutions to secure the best outcomes,” explains Veldman.

Understanding the ever-increasing complexity of project delivery environments and working with industry partners, Trevenar is well-equipped for his new role.  Having spent the past 26 years at Lend Lease, his expertise was integral to the development of large infrastructure projects, notably in healthcare, education and public infrastructure. His strength lies in the ability to help create better solutions, solve problems and then work with teams to achieve greater success within an organisation.

Working closely with Trevenar is Tonya Hinde, Executive Design Lead and in this collaborative environment Hinde reflected,

“With Steve on the executive team there is the opportunity to take design and best practice delivery to another level. As architecture is paramount to what we do, so to is the way in which we deliver projects and with Steve’s understanding of process and his experience we can undoubtedly enhance and add value to all our projects.”

For more than 26 years BLP has been at the forefront of exceptional design, delivering projects in the health, education, seniors living & communities, research, and workplace sectors. Integral to the practice is the creation of healthy environments, through design and innovation, that shapes future social infrastructure for the wellbeing and betterment of people and communities.

By bringing different perspectives to the executive table, BLP is establishing a solid foundation where many voices speak as one to ultimately achieve outstanding outcomes. The new management structure also re-affirms BLP’s place as a design and cultural leader that values experience, collaboration and practicality in all that it does.  

As Managing Director, Tara Veldman leads the executive team of Tonya Hinde, Steve Trevenar, Emily Gilfillan, Andrea Nixon, Chris Darge, and Mark Silva, supported by her fellow board of directors, including Ron Billard, Mark Mitchell, Adam Muggleton, and David Tregoning et al.

Tara Veldman is transforming BLP and making waves in the world of architecture. As a visionary with experience, knowledge and understanding, she is creating a new style of practice. With the team by her side, Veldman is a woman on a mission and her foresight will place BLP firmly in the spotlight, now and for the future.                                       

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Evolution of an Architectural Practice: BLP appoints Design and Construction specialist as Executive Delivery LeadAdelaide Bell