Four Senior Appointments across BLP

BLP is delighted to announce four senior appointments in the Healthcare, Science+Technology and Workplace sectors.

Now more than ever businesses need to innovate, support and nurture expertise within the team. BLP’s people are our greatest asset and source of excellence, and for this reason we are pleased to expand our architectural and design expertise with four new senior specialists in their fields.

Director, Tara Veldman comments,

We are very excited to welcome Bettina, Alessandro, Edwina and Philippa to BLP’s senior leadership team. As the newest members, they will continue to contribute to the culture, innovation, success and future direction of the practice.” 

Please join Directors Tara Veldman, Ron Billard, David Leece and Mark Mitchell, and our Senior Leadership team in congratulating our newly promoted team members.


Four Senior Appointments across BLPChristine Arundell