Gustav Kroyherr presents at RTC Europe 2015

BLP’s Gustav Kroyherr will be presenting at the Third 2015 European Revit Technology Conference in Budapest from 29-31 October. He will be sharing his detailed understanding of how Revit organises its model data, and how to use this knowledge to vastly broaden the usefulness and productivity of Revit models.

An architect with 20 years of experience in mostly health related design, Gustav’s speciality has become the management of the vast amount of data generated by the complexities of very large hospital projects. Initially using Database software to extract and manage design data from AutoCAD files, he have since developed a detailed understanding of the complexities of relational database model information that Revit can provide.

Learn more about the conference and register here.

Gustav Kroyherr presents at RTC Europe 2015Christine Arundell