BLP a tale of two cities Venice Biennale Australian Pavilion

A tale of two cities: BLP at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2010

Billard Leece Partnership’s “A tale of two cities” is one of 17 selected designs from the national ‘Designs for Australia’s cities 2050+’ competition, and will be exhibited at the Australian Pavilion “Now + When” at the 2010 Venice Architecture Biennale.

Selected designs interpret Australia’s most interesting urban regions as they are NOW, before dramatically representing futuristic urban environments as they may be WHEN we reach 2050 and beyond; – a glimpse into the future of Australia’s cities through the eyes of Australia’s leading architects.

A virtual model floats above the city, guiding its consumption and renewal. This doppelganger, visible as a hologram high above the city, audits and guides development. Aspiration, virtual model, rule of law and talisman, it is bound to the real. Serving as analytical laboratory, it receives design proposals for buildings, infrastructure and industry.

The exhibition will be headed by directors Ivan Rijavec and John Gollings. Composed of two projection rooms, the pavilion utilizes Infitec technology and 3D stereoscopic imaging to illustrate urban futures for the continent and showcase the best in Australian architectural thinking and culture. Read more about Infitec here.

After Venice, the exhibition will tour to Seoul, Beijing, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Taiwan, India, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Ballarat and the Gold Coast.

Congratulations to the BLP competition team on their winning design.

Read more about the Australian Pavilion here.

A tale of two cities: BLP at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2010Christine Arundell