Fujitsu Auckland

A destination workplace, using design to showcase Fujitsu’s brand and values.

New Zealand is famous for its natural beauty, so when BLP was engaged to design Fujitsu’s Auckland headquarters, the aim was to introduce this local flavour to global consistency in brand and style, creating a culture of “One Fujitsu”.

The design team ensured Fujitsu’s values were underpinned throughout: respect for the environment by the selection of timeless and sustainable materials, embodiment of authenticity by incorporation of local design elements and materials, and leadership in innovation through seamless integration of technology within the workplace in alignment with established workstyles.

There are a variety of spaces to congregate, from meetings rooms to communal tables and lounges, interspersed with clusters of seating pods that offer the option of privacy for focussed work or collaboration. Meeting spaces are enabled with screens and discreet joinery details that facilitate flexible use of technology, seamless workflows, communication and collaboration. A pixelated feature wall in the Community Hub space playfully nods at the essence of their industry.

As part of Fujitsu’s Australasian rollout of new agile workplaces, BLP is also designing their Melbourne workplace, to be completed late June 2018.

Location – Auckland, New Zealand
Client – Fujitsu
Completion – 2018

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