GE Money, Botanicca Corporate Park

A four-level office space rises above three level of carparking and sits in the centre of Botanicca Corporate Park, Richmond.

GE’s Swan Street offices became the headquarters of their south-east Asian operations in 2006. A new building in excess of 14,000sqm of office space over four levels rises above three levels of carparking. Sited opposite the existing (now former) headquarters made possible an enclosed bridge between the two. In the centre of the Botanicca Corporate Park, the building addresses a plaza creating a prominent view of the primary façade, the corporate face of GE Money. Broad floorplates surround a rooftop glazed central atrium, providing natural light and a socially connected work environment. The western edge gives views across the golf course and to the city

Location – Richmond, Melbourne
Client – R Corp & Macquarie Bank
Size- 8,000 sqm
Completed – 2006

GE Money, Botanicca Corporate ParkAdelaide Bell