Maryborough 24 Hour Police Station

This building’s fabric was enriched by the interplay of various materials

Maryborough 24 Hour Police Station is a single storey complex organised around an external staff courtyard. The watchhouse is the hub, organised around which are the offices, staff amenities, public entry and custody section. Generally conceived as articulated interlocking forms, the street elevation in particular, consists of three open boxes interlinked to form the overall composition.

The public entry to the station is identified as a lower form against the higher back drop of the office and custody parts of the building. An external courtyard and roof monitors provide natural light deep into the building. The roof monitors also vary the building silhouette and provide contrasting vertical elements to the composition. The building’s fabric is enriched by the interplay of various materials.

Location – Victoria
Client – Victoria Police
Size – 1,800 sqm
Completed – 2005

Maryborough 24 Hour Police StationAdelaide Bell