Government Agency Focusing On Human Services & Social Reform

Connecting families to much needed support services within Victoria

The purpose of this government agency was to provide consistent, evidence-based integrated services for a whole of family approach.  The vision for each “hub” was to be appropriate for all ages, abilities and flexible enough to accommodate spaces appropriate for children. Suiting a culturally diverse population including Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations (ACCOs) and the LGBTI community.

The implementation of these “hubs” for was a direct result of the Royal Commission into Family Violence, a bid to reduce the prevalence and severity of family violence within the community.  The “hubs” provide access to assessment, planning, and specialist services and programs, connecting families to the support and services they need.

This government agency welcomes anyone who is susceptible to family violence and therefore each “hub” needed to look approachable and friendly. Clients required to be both physically and visually protected at all times from their perpetrator and; as a result; a hierarchy of spaces blur the boundary between two contrasting elements of security and friendliness.

Location – 17 sites across Regional and Metropolitan Victoria
Client – Victorian Government
Completed – 2022

Government Agency Focusing On Human Services & Social ReformBernita Edwards