Wangi Wangi Public School

A public school upgrade for the Wangi Wangi community has been accomplished by BLP, which empowers learning between students and teachers both in a technology-rich teaching environment and through innovative collaborative learning spaces.

Wangi Wangi Public School upgrade caters for the projected enrolment growth in the area.

New permanent, flexible, and innovative learning spaces for six classes, a new canteen, new staff facilities, administration buildings and toilet amenities has been delivered for the project. The refurbishment also involves a major redesign of the current hall to include a new permanent room for special educational programs.

Collaborative learning spaces engage students and teachers based on their skill, interests and learning priorities and offers one-to-one, small groups and entire classroom activities with versatile, technology-rich teaching areas.

At Wangi Wangi Public School, students in all curriculum areas and learning stages are now equipped with a creative learning environment, providing them with skills and strengths to excel in a continually changing and interconnected world.

Location – 37 Dobell Dr, Wangi Wangi NSW 2267
Client  – NSW Schools Infrastructure
Size – 1,424sqm
Completed – April 2020

Wangi Wangi Public SchoolAdelaide Bell