Tara Veldman Chasing the Sky Book Launch BLP

Social architecture: Tara Veldman in “Chasing the Sky”

When a project materialises I feel I have made a new friend. It’s a feeling of discovery, of recognition and delight.

– Tara Veldman

Congratulations to Tara Veldman, Director at BLP, who is showcased in Maven Publishing’s ‘Chasing the Sky: 20 Stories of Women in Architecture’.

The book celebrates Australia’s leading women in architecture and examines Tara’s innovative contribution to social architecture locally and internationally. ‘Chasing the sky’ is the latest in the ‘20 Stories’ series, which showcases the lives of architectural designers and captures the most relevant aspects of contemporary thought and research.

Launched in Sydney and Melbourne earlier this year, the book is available to buy from the Maven Publishing website.

Read more about the book on the ArchitectureAu website.

Social architecture: Tara Veldman in "Chasing the Sky"Christine Arundell