Life as a Student Architect: Interview with Emma Ong

We had a chat to Emma about her experience in our Melbourne practice. Here’s what she had to say:

What do your day-to-day tasks involve?

The specifics of my day-to-day usually differ depending on the projects’ progress and the project architect. Generally, I am involved in documentation and drafting of projects such as amending drawings according to feedback and markups. Besides that, I sometimes help the receptionist with administration tasks, such as general up-keep of the office and answering phone calls.

What did you expect before working with us?

I expected that I would learn about all the different stages of architectural projects and all of its different aspects, such as how design decisions are made, the process of documentation, project management etc.

I am glad that my time at BLP, being heavily involved in projects, has led me to a wider knowledge and understanding of how projects are done. I look forward to learning even more about architecture.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your job?

As there is a big range of skills and knowledge to learn, it can sometimes be challenging to understand and apply them. These require attention to details when designing spaces and during documentation. However, my colleagues have been helpful in guiding me along the way.

Any highlights so far?

I enjoy the office activities that are held such as the Olympics Games and Lawn Bowls! These activities are great as forms of relaxation and social activities where it’s not all just about work but having also having fun!

How will your experience here help you with your studies?

The knowledge that I’ve gained from BLP will make me better and more informed. With all the various aspects that are involved and should be considered when practising architecture, I feel that this would help me to think deeper and more realistically when doing uni projects.

What’s something valuable you’ve learnt here?

Clinical health planning is something I’ve learnt the most about, such as designing appropriate spaces and all the different elements we have to consider.

I’ve also gained insight on the documentation process of these projects which is usually taught in university. I better understand how BIM works, sharpening my Revit skills along the way.

What’s the best thing about working at BLP?

Working at BLP has given me a lot of opportunities to learn many different aspects of architecture where I have a range of different tasks from admin work to documentation and design process. I’ve never felt that I have to limit myself to only doing a range of tasks as student, but always to push myself for more challenging tasks as is often encouraged here.

Why would you recommend a student position at BLP?

BLP has an encouraging and supportive environment where colleagues will be helpful in guiding students even on new tasks.

Students are expected to be proactive learners where they will also be heavily involved in projects and I think this helps in boosting the confidence of them as aspiring architects.

I think that any student will benefit greatly in their career with the amount of skills they gain here and the positive environment that BLP offers.

Life as a Student Architect: Interview with Emma OngChristine Arundell