Designed for Collective Wellbeing: Baptcare Strathalan Community

The new Baptcare Strathalan Integrated Community is all about collective wellbeing, with residents coming together and having the opportunity to live, socialise, and age in their own space.  

Retirement living design has changed dramatically over the past decade as we are seeing a more discerning clientele with greater expectations.  Today’s retirement living residents are more astute, active, and healthy.  They expect to continue living independently, lead active lifestyles and pursue their interests and hobbies long into the foreseeable future and have the expectation that they will be supported by accessing various services if the need arises.

The key to retirement community success is in the detail.  The design should be contemporary, modern, and timeless.  It should fit within the context of its surroundings and relate to its community and people. The design should express the aspirations of the residents and be appropriate and accessible to all.

A mix of 1 bedroom + study, 2 bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments have been carefully crafted, with a total of 37 units within the development.  A key briefing requirement was to ensure that the apartments were provided with as much storage as possible as most residents tend to be ‘downsizing’ from larger family homes.

The decision to buy was led by many things, it was really location as we both lived in the area most of our lives in our large home. Our family and networks are already set up here. I have also met lots of new friends and still pursue my normal activities and still go to and from work. For me, living here extends my network and framework, so we are not isolated or lonely, to be part of a community. Strathalan gives that to us. – Gail Barrett, Baptcare Strathalan Resident

Fundamentally, retirees are seeking choice, independence, and flexibility.  They want the ability to engage with other residents and participate wholeheartedly in all that life has to offer, whether this be a leisurely coffee in the bistro, a game of bridge in the library, a work-out in the gym or a spot of gardening.  BLP have worked closely with Baptcare to fulfill these needs, by designing a luxury boutique retirement living apartment complex in Macleod, complete with beautifully appointed community facilities.

Despite the desire to live with other like-minded residents, it is the ability to exercise choice within a safe and secure environment that is a defining factor.  Residents also require the ability to withdraw from these daily activities, should they choose, and seek the privacy and security of their own homes and outdoor space, a place of happiness and wellbeing.

Further, there is a range of other services that can be accessed to support residents so that they can maintain their independence for as long as possible.  This is achieved through thoughtful design that can easily enable the apartments to be modified without costly or intrusive alterations.

We feel privileged to be working on this exciting project with Baptcare delivering the next phase of the Strathalan Integrated Community, ultimately contributing to the health and wellbeing of our seniors. 

Designed for Collective Wellbeing: Baptcare Strathalan CommunityAdelaide Bell