BIM & Visualisation Technology

BLP have designed and documented in 3D since our foundation over 21 years ago.

Our team understand BIM methodology, and the implications for influencing robust strategies throughout all project phases. BLP can manage fully co-ordinated BIM models from all consultants from design through to construction, enabling the integration of building structures and services into a single model and the examination of all aspects of design and coordination.

Multiple visualisation techniques are utilised at user groups and workshops throughout design stages to enable understanding between all parties on all levels, ensuring that clients, stakeholders and users feel a strong connection to the building, and vested interest in the project’s success from the very start.

We employ a range of useful tools and techniques that allow our clients to see, experience and understand their buildings fully realised in the virtual world long before it is actually built. Digital and physical techniques enhance the understanding of design option proposals and the implications of design changes quickly and relatively inexpensively, and include:

  • 3D views of exteriors, interiors and cutaways
  • Flythroughs in and around buildings
  • Interactive walkthrough 360º panoramas
  • Immersive Virtual Reality (VR) visualisation and exploration
  • 3D printing of architectural study models
  • Display suites, prototyping key spaces and componentry

We have a track record in pushing the boundaries beyond the immediate client needs, and seek better long-term value for clients through application of BIM which results in best practice delivery of projects.

BIM & Visualisation TechnologyAdelaide Bell