Kensington Village

The first Australian integrated private and public housing project to create sustainable regeneration and community building.

This multi-residential private and social housing development, including Older Persons Units, presents a confident and contemporary face in the historic suburb of Kensington. Surrounded by parklands are 20 two storey townhouses, 34 public housing apartments in two buildings and 75 private four storey apartments.

The resolution of the design followed careful consultation with community groups, the Office of Housing and planning authority. The development draws a sense of quality and amenity from the public open space around which the apartments are arranged. Vistas between the buildings and beyond are carefully framed through generous openings between them. The formal nature of the siting of the buildings blends well with the existing buildings on the site and the urban grain of the neighbourhood.

Location – Victoria
Client – Becton Property Group
Completed – 2012

  • 2011 Gold Nugget Awards, International Residential Project Award of Merit
Kensington VillageAdelaide Bell