Wagga Wagga Rural Referral Hospital Stage 2 3D BLP

Wagga Wagga Hospital Redevelopment on its way to completion

With the prototype for patient rooms complete, BLP Director Tara Veldman spoke to The Daily Advertiser about some of the features of the new hospital currently being designed and delivered by BLP.

The new rooms include muted colours to inspire a sense of calm, an array of powerpoints and other tools installed into the headboards, angular walls to allow nurses to unobtrusively check on patients, and expansive windows to let natural light in creating an overall modern, bright look.

As the Hospital is a significant community building, BLP have designed public spaces and built form accordingly. Key public space elements – public forecourt, arcade, significant entry space – are reinforced and the local landscape, river and vegetation are referenced in the creation of public spaces and the selection of building materials and finishes.

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Wagga Wagga Hospital Redevelopment on its way to completionChristine Arundell