Our people are the most important part of our business.

BLP is a multidisciplinary Australian practice which combines architecture, urban planning and interior design. We see ourselves as problem-solvers with a clear ambition to use great design to improve the way people live their lives. Our team brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to every project, working collaboratively with all of our clients to produce great work.

We have around 100 specialists working across offices in Melbourne and Sydney, all renowned for award-winning projects. Our creative team encompasses architects, interior designers, clinical health planners, graphic designers and support staff all working in a highly collaborative and open design studio environment.
Find out more about some of the top team working at our Practice below:
  • ron billard blp profile

    Ron Billard

  • mark mitchell blp profile

    Mark Mitchell

  • tara veldman blp profile

    Tara Veldman

  • adam muggleton BLP

    Adam Muggleton

  • emily gilfillan blp profile

    Emily Gilfillan

  • tonya hinde blp profile

    Tonya Hinde

  • ariel lopez blp profile

    Ariel Lopez

  • matthew hughes blp profile

    Matthew Hughes

  • raj senanayake blp profile

    Raj Senanayake

  • paul longridge blp profile

    Paul Longridge

  • ken tsen blp profile

    Ken Tsen

  • shaun cassidy blp profile

    Shaun Cassidy

  • andreas dimakopoulos blp profile

    Andreas Dimakopoulos

  • megan harris blp profile

    Megan Harris

  • Matt Kenchington BLP

    Matt Kenchington

  • Smitha Suraj BLP Profile

    Smitha Suraj

  • Bettina Bartos

  • Alessandro FIlippi BLP

    Alessandro Filippi

  • Edwina Ter

    Edwina Ter

  • Katarina Vrdoljak BLP

    Katarina Vrdoljak

  • Philippa Sharp, Associate, Workplace Sector Leader BLP

    Philippa Sharp